Colors and Patterns
Concrete can be colored and patterned to produce the appearance of the look you are trying to achieve.

When using stamped concrete an integral color is mixed with the concrete to produce a solid base color. Once the concrete is poured a release agent is added to enhance the color and give it a natural looking appearance. We carry a variety of colors. Click here to see our color charts.

These online color charts are meant to give you an idea of the available colors. Due to variations in monitors and video cards the actual colors may be slightly different, however, we will provide you with a full color brochure from which you can make your final decision.

In addition to stamping we can restore the look and appearance of your existing or new concrete by using a color seal. Colour Seal will also help to protect against the elements. Click here to see our Colour Seal color chart.

We carry various patterns to suit your needs. Some examples are European Cobblestone, Random Slate, California Field Stone and Brick. The patterns are designed to reproduce the look of the real thing. Click here to see the patterns that we currently offer.